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Useful links


ARC2020 is a multi-stakeholder plat­form, open to all those inter­ested or engaged in a pro­found reform of the Com­mon Agri­cul­ture Pol­icy (CAP) of the Euro­pean Union. Their web­site is a key aspect of this process - informed by web cor­re­spon­dents across all mem­ber states in Europe. They pro­vide blogs posts on devel­op­ments at the national level, as well as trans­fer­ring infor­ma­tion from the EU pol­icy lev­els back to their networks.

The Finan­cial Times’ blog on the Euro­pean Union.

French-speaking blog on the EU’s Com­mon For­eign and Secu­rity Policy.

  • Cafeba­bel (EN — FR — DE — ES — PL — IT)

Mul­ti­lin­gual online mag­a­zine on Europe. Check out the Babel­blogs as well.

French-speaking blog on Euro­pean com­mu­ni­ca­tion, edited by com­mu­ni­ca­tion con­sul­tant Michael Malherbe.

The blog of the polit­i­cal sci­en­tist Anna­maria Dutceac Segesten.

  • Euro­peaum (DE — EN)

Mainly German-speaking blog on Euro­pean affairs seen from out­side of the Brus­sels bubble.

Weekly French-speaking blog­posts on Euro­pean issues.

Euro­pe­ando is a Euro­pean blog­posts aggre­ga­tor in Span­ish. With this plat­form, they claim the need to give new impe­tus to the Euro­pean project based on the active and crit­i­cal par­tic­i­pa­tion of citizens.

The blog of Greg Hen­ning, put­ing for­ward and average-citizen point of view

  • Gen­er­a­tion 112 ( EN — FR)

With ref­er­ence to the Euro­pean emer­gency phone num­ber, Gen­er­a­tion 112 aims to sen­si­bilise Euro­pean youth to the chal­lenge of build­ing new sol­i­dar­i­ties and renew­ing our visions of Europe. They iden­tify 12 pri­or­ity themes on which they encour­age young cit­i­zens to share their ideas.

Euro­pean, social demo­c­rat, fed­er­al­ist, fem­i­nist, athe­ist, anti-monarchist. Inline skater. Train trav­eller, cyclist. Blog­ger, web­site designer, avid Mac user, trainer…Since 2005, Jon Worth shares his views on EU and social demo­c­ra­tic pol­i­tics. He’s one of the founders of Bloggingportal.eu, the EU affairs blog­ging aggregator.

Kos­mopolito cov­ers top­ics related to pol­i­tics and cul­ture from a Euro­pean perspective

Blog of the Spanish-speaker Euro­pean jour­nal­ist Macarena Rodríguez

The Euro­pean jour­nal­ist Jean-Sébastien Lefeb­vre works for dif­fer­ent medias as slate.fr LExpress.fr, Myeurop.info, Valeurs Actuelles, Les Euros du Vil­lage et Rue89. In his blog, he treats Europe and Euro­pean jour­nal­ism in a con­crete way, with­out kind­ness. His edi­to­r­ial link? “Free­dom of speech with­out sense of humour is like a gun with­out bul­lets: boring.”

The blog of Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre’s accom­plice in the “Cas­tor et Pol­lux” Agency.

French-speaking blog from Euro­pean jour­nal­ist for Libéra­tion Jean Quatremer.

  • Magda Fahsi (ENFR)

Blog of Euro­pean jour­nal­ist Magda Fahsi focused on the inter­cul­tural dialogue.

The Euro­pean online pub­lic space, online com­mu­ni­ca­tions, com­mu­ni­ties and the EU, seman­tic tech­nolo­gies plus what­ever else catches my eye.

  • MyEu­rop (EN — FR)

Bilin­gual EUro­pean infor­ma­tion blog.

With this blog, Ronny patz attempts to trans­late between polit­i­cal sci­ence and polit­i­cal prac­tice in EU matters

  • The Euros (EN — FR — DE — ES — IT)

Online Euro­pean infor­ma­tion cre­at­ing ties between pro­fes­sion­als, ama­teurs, politi­cians, cit­i­zens, the man in the street and day-to-day web information.

The span­nish speaker blog­ger Fran­cisco Luis Benítez, share opin­ions on the Euro­pean Union, pol­i­tics, sci­ence and networks.

The witty blog of the french-speaker Cedric Puisney.


  • The Inter­na­tional Alliance of Jour­nal­ists ( EN — FR — ES — IT — PT )

The Inter­na­tional Alliance of Jour­nal­ists is a con­struc­tive space for jour­nal­ists to exchange and debate on the prac­tices and on the respon­si­bil­ity of the media to the society.

  • Micro Europa ( EN — FR)

Euro­pean Cam­pus Radio Net­work ani­mated by stu­dents in jour­nal­ism all over Europe.

  • Cit­i­zens for Europe (EN - FR)

Online hub for stake­hold­ers, and open forum for Euro­pean civil society.

A team of jour­nal­ists work­ing in Brus­sels and in Europe address­ing the issue of Euro­pean infor­ma­tion by “Euro­peanis­ing” their national media.

  • Eurotopics.net ( EN — FR — DE — ES — PL)

The euro|topics press review, read­able in five lan­guages, shows you which top­ics are mov­ing Euro­peans the Euro­pean press, analysing 300 media, from 28 countries.

EUROPA is a free mag­a­zine with Euro­pean voca­tion, cre­ated in 2004 at the Uni­ver­sity of Nantes (in French).

  • Euro­pean alter­na­tives (ENFRIT)

Civil Soc­ity Organ­i­sa­tion explor­ing and pro­mot­ing transna­tional pol­i­tics and cul­ture in Europe through cam­paings, con­fer­ences, pub­li­ca­tions and the Transeu­ropa festival.

The Young Euro­peans organ­i­sa­tion in Lille, France. Mem­bers of the Euro­pean Move­ment and the Young Euro­pean Federalists.

French think tank on the wider Europe and neigh­bour­ing countries.

  • Per­ma­nent Forum of Euro­pean Civil Soci­ety (EN — FR)

The Forum aims to pro­duce and com­mu­ni­cate infor­ma­tion, to be a place for dia­logue and reflec­tion and to pro­mote actions of all kinds in order to achive an active Euro­pean citizenship,a rep­re­sen­ta­tive, par­tic­i­pa­tory and equal Euro­pean democ­racy, and gover­nance that encour­ages bet­ter syn­er­gies between the Euro­pean insti­tu­tions and civil soci­ety while respect­ing the prin­ci­ple of sub­sidiar­ity and proportionality.